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Version history The version history of Logic Pro X is as follows. References External links Category:2015 software Category:Digital audio workstations Category:Digital audio editors Category:IOS software Category:MacOS audio editors Category:Music sequencers Category:Audio software that uses Qt Category:Recorded music software Category:Audio software for Linux Category:MacOS multimedia software Category:Video editing software Category:Video editing software for Linux Category:Video editing software for macOS Category:Cross-platform software Category:Science software for Linux Category:Science software for macOS Category:Science software for Windows Category:Acoustic software Category:Audio software with GNU MP compatibilityQ: What will be the practical implication of "Vector class" of Apple? Recently Apple released updated version of iOS and it is not supporting old device, which are a major setback for many companies. Apple just also released new iPad and Apple iMac which is leading to number of questions from new users, Will we have a new iBook for example or will it come with any new features like Apple did in iPad. Are we gonna have some new "Vector class" in their next iOS and Mac OS, and will it make a great difference in 3D rendering, Texting Apps and other graphics Apps. I have read various blogs saying that Apple is planning to release new Core Graphic "Core Graphics", for 3D Graphics and also with new "Vector class" (as they did in the iPad). I want to know what are the practical implications of these new features A: The standard text layout engine, Core Text, is new and improved. It supports tables, which means that (IMO) it should be much easier to write good-looking text views for iPhone/iPad. The Core Image library includes a vast array of filters, many of which are new and interesting. Core Image also includes facilities for creating motion blur, blur, and even transformation filters. This could make for some stunning effects. The Core Animation is a fairly new library; the big thing it has going for it is that it can animate anything that you can draw on a UIKit view, which makes it very easy to make cool things that other libraries like OpenGL ES and Apple's own OpenGL ES make much harder. Core Data has been reworked to make it easier to




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